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How to Prevent a Roll Off Dumpster from Causing Damage

How to Prevent a Roll Off Dumpster from Causing Damage

Imagine you’ve spent all summer painting the exterior of your home, updating the interior, and re-paving your driveway to boost your curb appeal and sell your home. The buyer has come through, you’ve closed on your new home, and you’re busy packing up your belongings and getting rid of useless junk you don’t want to take to your new home. In the process you realize – you have a lot of stuff to get rid of!

You can spend hours if not days taking trips to the closest landfill or you can save time and money and rent a roll off dumpster. Your hesitation comes with putting the heavy, metal object, onto your brand new driveway. The good news is you can take precautions to ensure your roll off dumpster rental causes no damage.

Estimate the Size

Moving can create a lot of waste. You might need to rent a 20 or 30-yard dumpster. Maybe you’re not moving, but need it for another project. Either way, your needs will vary, and it’s important to consider the weight when contacting a waste management service about a roll off dumpster rental. Even if you rent a dumpster for portable storage, your driveway will be handling more weight than usual. The first step is to talk a Pronto dumpster’s expert. They will advice you on the size dumpster to rent, where to put it and how to you it best. To rent for your project.

Choose the Right Spot for the Dumpster

After you decide on the appropriate size for your project (if you are not size dumpster you need ask Jennets 305.691.0020 from pronto) you’ll want to find the best place on your property to place the roll-off dumpster. If you do decide to put it on your driveway, you’ll want the dumpster placed on the most level area possible, and preferably in the shade. Newly paved driveways that receive a lot of direct sunlight are more likely to be damaged with impressions of the rented Dumpster because the heat makes the asphalt softer. You’ll also want to avoid blocking any doors and make sure you can squeeze by in your car to access your garage.

If you decide that the street will be the best location for your roll off dumpster, you’ll likely need to get a permit from the city. Laws vary based on the location of your home so call your city to confirm. Always avoid placing your dumpster on grassy areas.

Plywood Helps

Instead of having your rental dumpster placed directly onto your driveway, have the Pronto waste service set the dumpster on top of strips of plywood. It will help disperse some of the pressure once you start adding weight to the dumpster.

Use Tarps

If you’re worried about trash flying out of your dumpster and onto your lawn or other sensitive areas on your property, set up some tarps around the outside of the dumpster. If your rental doesn’t’ have a hinged lid, you can cover the top with a tarp to keep trash inside.

Whether you’re moving, doing deep Spring cleaning, or just need some short-term portable storage, a roll off dumpster rental can help. Give us a call today 305. 691 0020 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


Hurricane letter 6-1-2018

June 1st, 2018

Ref: Hurricane Preparedness

Dear Customer:

As we know the 2018 Hurricane season has once again arrived, it is necessary that we review hurricane procedures with our customers who have roll-off container (s) on there job site.

Customers ordering containers from now through the ending of the Hurricane Season will be responsible in securing all container (s) on there job site.

As we have always done in the past, we will work hard to efficiently move as many tanks as possible before a hurricane was to hit. However our drivers also have to get home to secure and prepare their homes and take care of any other situation that they might have. We recommend that you acquire any necessary equipment (rope, tarp, etc.) to secure the roll-off container (s).

• Once a Hurricane watch or Warning is issued, we will not guarantee that any container (s) will be picked up, no matter when the order was placed.

• Please take this matter seriously; once again be prepared this Hurricane season. We will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused by an unsecured roll-off container (s) or any flying debris coming from inside the container.

• Once the hurricane warning is lifted we will resume working a quickly as possible. Please do not become impatient if it takes a couple of days. Remember that most places our left without electricity and maybe even damaged making it hard for us to resume working.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a safe Hurricane season for you and your family.


Hurricane letter 6-1-2018 Spanish

Junio 1, 2018

Ref: Preparación para Huracanes

Estimado Cliente:

Como todos sabemos ha comenzado la temporada de huracanes. Es necesario tener en cuenta los procedimientos que se deben seguir con nuestros contenedores si viniera un huracan.

Todos los clientes que soliciten contenedores a partir de esta fecha y hasta que se termine la temporada de Huracanes seran responsables de su seguridad en la obra.

Como siempre hemos hecho en el pasado, vamos a trabajar lo màs duro posible y eficientemente para recojer todos los contenedores pedidos antes que llegue un Huracan. Sin embargo nuestro personal tambien debe llegar a sus casas para asegurarlas y resolver cualquier otro problema que tengan antes del Huracan. Le recomendamos que tengan en mano los materiales necesarios (soga, toldo etc) para asegurar el contenedor y los materiales en su interior.

• Después que sea dado un AVISO ó ALERTA DE HURACAN no le garantizamos que su contenedor se le haga recojida ó intercambio sin tomar en cuenta la fecha en cuanto la orden fue tomada.

• Por favor tomen en serio las recomendaciones que les estamos dando. No nos haremos responsables por el daño que cause un contenedor o los materiales en su interior que no hayan estado asegurados.

• Una vez que el huracan haya pasado empezaremos a restablecer nuestro servicio. Por favor no se impaciente si nos toma varios días en darle servicio. Tomen en cuenta que muchas partes de la ciudad son dañadas y sin electricidad haciendo dificil cumplir con nuestro trabajo.

Muchas gracias por su cooperacion


Miami Dumpster Rental Authority. The Risk, Size, Capacity, Project type and Price.

Dumpsters are heavy containers. The trucks, or as the industry calls it Roll-off Dumpster are also heavy. The two together can cause damage to a driveway or to the surface on which they are on. There is no reason to worry said Alex from Pronto, dumpster’s Driver knows ways to eliminate the risks.

Follow this guide and reduce the possibility of property damage A roll-off containers may cause.

Roll-off Dumpster Guide

After 16 years in driving roll-off Dumpster, and responsible for delivering thousands of containers I can say the damaged by a roll off dumpster is rare.

4 tips to ease the worry of dumpster

Dumpsters safe for driveway placement

1. Keep The driveway — Put boards or plywood on under the dumpster.

The dumpster rental driver will advise you when and if needed. But it cannot hurt.

2. Do not overfill the dumpster with heavy debris.

It’s critical if you put concrete, dirt, brick, or roof shingles.

Dumpster Size In feet Capacity Equal to For Average
National cost
10 Yard 8’ W x 10’ L x 4’ H 2 tons of material,
or 4,000
3 Pickup
Truck Loads
cleaning out
the garage or attic.
375 There are various Possibilities when it comes to dumpster rental. We recommend that you contact Janet the ” dumpster authority”,  305.691.0020 describe your project and get the proper advice.
20 Yard 8’ W x 20’ L x 4’ H 3 tons of material,
6,000 lbs.
6 Pickup
Truck Loads
House Remodeling and Roofing projects. 425
30 Yard 8’ W x 20’ L x 6’ H 4.5 tons of material,
8,500 lbs.
9 Pickup
Truck Loads
Home renovations, Roofing and construction projects. 485
40 Yard 8’ W x 20’ L x 8’ H 6 tons of material,
14,000 lbs.
12 Pickup
Truck Loads
Home renovations, Roofing, and construction projects. 540

3. If possible park the dumpster in the street.


This depends on the time you need the dumpster and the city. In most cases, you would need to get a dumpster permit if the container would be placed in the public right-of-way. If this is an option, the dumpster provider will tell you.

4. Don’t put the dumpster on the grass unless you plan to redo the yard.

The dumpster size capacity and risk.

As a rule of thumb; Choose a dumpster rental company that is properly licensed. That carries insurance to covers any unexpected issues.

Dumpster rental contract

Before the Dumpster rolled to your property, take before and after photos. Make sure the photos/videos are timestamped.

The good news is that property damage is very rare in the dumpster rental business, so you’ll likely never have to deal with any of these situations.


5 tips when renting a 10-yard dumpster

Know a few basics before dumpster rental.

Dumpster rental in Miami have a weight restriction:

If you plan for 10-yard dumpster rental, please note that going over the weight limit will be accompanied with Dade and Broward overage charges. In a 10-yard dumpster, you can put between 1 to 3 tons.

The type of waste you can put in the dumpster matters: For instance, a Dumpster rental may not permit any mixing dirt or concrete. Please let us know what you’re disposing.

You can’t throw certain debris in the rented 10-yard dumpsters: This includes, but is not limited to, hazardous wastes, tires, and batteries.


How big is a 10-yard dumpster?

The average dimensions of a 10-yard roll-off container are 8’ W x 10’ L x 4’ H. A small 10-yard dumpster may accommodate house cleanups. It can be ideal for concrete or roofing shingles.

If you group 10 standard washing machine they will fit in a 10-yeard dumpster.

When a 10-yard dumpster rental makes sense

10-yard dumpster rentals is efficient option for small projects. Here are some examples

Cleanout of Garage, shed, or attic

Deck removal- About 200 to 250 square foot

Roofing shingles 2,000 to 2,500 square feet

Small bathroom or kitchen  revelation

Concrete or dirt removal.

Getting rid of trash during a house relocation.

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