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Can a Roll-off Dumpster Rental can turn A into A Backyard Pool

In Miami, Broward, and Boca when you think of dumpsters rental, you think of trash duping container where you put the home renovations leftover. And you are right 40-yard dumpsters are most used for trash removal. But a retirement dumpster can be used for a backyard pool. A DIY homeowner lover can create a pool out of the 40-yard dumpster.

40-yard dumpster measurement
8′ Wide X 20′ Length X 8′ Height

40-Yard dumpster rental into a pool

The roll-off dumpster rental in Boca Raton, Broward, and Miami can hold approximately 12 pickup truck loads of trash removal. 10,000-12,000-pound weight limit. The 40-yard is the biggest dumpster in most location. Do you really need 40-Yard?  Call us at 1-866-284-6164 to learn more about the weight limits for containers in your area.

Roll-off Dumpster Rental Cleaning Process

Clean the dumpster thoroughly. Start with a high-pressure power washer. A drainage hole to empty the water from the pressure washer can be helpful. Drill a hole into the side of the dumpster. Use a cork or around rubber as a stopper. hole when necessary. Use some elbow grease and make sure your Dumpster is clean.

With a sponge and cleaning detergent scrub the inside of the dumpster. Clean well in between grooves and in the corners.

Use a garden hose and rinse off the soap

The Preparation Process

Measure your dumpster before you begin digging a foundation for your DIY pool. Prep the ground. Dig a shallow hole a bit bigger than the length and width of the Dumpster Rental. Out limestone around the bottom and sides and protect the soil under.

With the help of dumpster rental service, lower the dumpster into the hole. Pack the dirt tightly around the base of the dumpster once you have it in place

Convert the 40-Yard dumpster rental into a pool

Dumpsters are made of metal and the metal to rust. To avoid rust, apply a layer of anti-corrosive paint to the inside and outside of your dumpster.

Allow the anti-corrosive paint to dry. Apply a layer of insulation foam. A pool liner with relative flexibility should be placed over the insulated foam.

Cover the dumpster up. Use paint to conceal your dumpster. You can layer wood around the outer edge of the dumpster-pool and screw the boards together.

If you are interested in making a roll-off dumpster rental your next DIY project, contact a dumpster rental company Pronto waste service we may have a retired 40-yard dumpster. Your dumpster to pool conversion will quickly give a whole new meaning to the term “dumpster diving.”

Q: How much can a 40-yard ‘dumpster-rental’ hold?

A: A 40-yard garbage dumpster can hold 40 cubic yards of trash.


Q: How long Can I keep dumpster rental?

A: You can rent a Dumpster and keep it for 30 days.


Q: How quick will you deliver?

A: Pronto delivers as soon as you call.

Q: How much a ‘Dumpster rental’ cost?

A: Prices vary. But Pronto ‘Dumpster rental’ provide the best plan and the best possible service.Why: because we are a family business who treat all our client as a family. Call us today.


Q: How much debris can I load to 40-yard dumpster rental?

A: 40-yard dumpster can hold 40 cubic yards of waste. 40 cubic yards of waste is approximately 12 pickup truck loads.

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