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How to Prevent a Roll Off Dumpster from Causing Damage

How to Prevent a Roll Off Dumpster from Causing Damage

Imagine you’ve spent all summer painting the exterior of your home, updating the interior, and re-paving your driveway to boost your curb appeal and sell your home. The buyer has come through, you’ve closed on your new home, and you’re busy packing up your belongings and getting rid of useless junk you don’t want to take to your new home. In the process you realize – you have a lot of stuff to get rid of!

You can spend hours if not days taking trips to the closest landfill or you can save time and money and rent a roll off dumpster. Your hesitation comes with putting the heavy, metal object, onto your brand new driveway. The good news is you can take precautions to ensure your roll off dumpster rental causes no damage.

Estimate the Size

Moving can create a lot of waste. You might need to rent a 20 or 30-yard dumpster. Maybe you’re not moving, but need it for another project. Either way, your needs will vary, and it’s important to consider the weight when contacting a waste management service about a roll off dumpster rental. Even if you rent a dumpster for portable storage, your driveway will be handling more weight than usual. The first step is to talk a Pronto dumpster’s expert. They will advice you on the size dumpster to rent, where to put it and how to you it best. To rent for your project.

Choose the Right Spot for the Dumpster

After you decide on the appropriate size for your project (if you are not size dumpster you need ask Jennets 305.691.0020 from pronto) you’ll want to find the best place on your property to place the roll-off dumpster. If you do decide to put it on your driveway, you’ll want the dumpster placed on the most level area possible, and preferably in the shade. Newly paved driveways that receive a lot of direct sunlight are more likely to be damaged with impressions of the rented Dumpster because the heat makes the asphalt softer. You’ll also want to avoid blocking any doors and make sure you can squeeze by in your car to access your garage.

If you decide that the street will be the best location for your roll off dumpster, you’ll likely need to get a permit from the city. Laws vary based on the location of your home so call your city to confirm. Always avoid placing your dumpster on grassy areas.

Plywood Helps

Instead of having your rental dumpster placed directly onto your driveway, have the Pronto waste service set the dumpster on top of strips of plywood. It will help disperse some of the pressure once you start adding weight to the dumpster.

Use Tarps

If you’re worried about trash flying out of your dumpster and onto your lawn or other sensitive areas on your property, set up some tarps around the outside of the dumpster. If your rental doesn’t’ have a hinged lid, you can cover the top with a tarp to keep trash inside.

Whether you’re moving, doing deep Spring cleaning, or just need some short-term portable storage, a roll off dumpster rental can help. Give us a call today 305. 691 0020 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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