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Will a person be able to live in a Miami Dumpster Rental?

Tucked behind the women’s residence is a green dumpster. The dean of the University College Jeff Wilson leaves there.

The typical 30-yard Miami Dumpster Rental is 6 ft high, 20 ft long and 8 ft wide.
Professor Wilson wanted to teach his students about environmental impacts. So, he gradually transforms a dumpster into the tiniest home.

How much can 30yard dumpster hold?

Approximately nine pickup trucks’ of debris. 7,000 – 10,000-pound weight limit. Before renting 30-yard dumpster call and talk to your personal dumpster advisor. Call 855.596. 3278.

Professor Wilson kept the rain out with a tarp and put a cardboard mat on the floor. It was “dumpster camping.”
The Dumpster Project is supported by the university. “We could end up with a house under $10,000 that could be placed anywhere in the world,” Wilson said.

The professor is known as Professor Dumpster.

Professor Dumpster

Customization of the space began in July. He started with air conditioning. Before the dumpster was getting up to 130 degrees during the day which made sleeping before 11 PM impossible.

In phase two, he likes to install insulation allowing the small air conditioner to keep pace with the hot sun. The second phase of The Dumpster Project will incorporate a bed, a lamp, and a classic home-evoking pitched roof.

If you in Texas, you are welcome to stop by the dumpster and talk sustainability any time.

Will a person be able to live in a Miami Dumpster Rental unit?

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